Blended Learning in a Biology ClassroomDr. Rosa da Silva

Blended learning,” combines online learning materials (such as web-based modules) with face-to-face instruction. While benefits such as increased flexibility and access may be obvious, current research lacks evidence regarding the effects on student perceptions of instructor-student and student-student interactions and on quality of learning outcomes. To address the need for this information, our research asked “Does Blended Learning enhance a student’s scientific literacy in a first year Cellular and Molecular Biology course in the areas of knowledge and understanding, communication and application, and critical thinking and inquiry?” Our study performed an extensive evaluation using both quantitative and qualitative research methodologies (including pre-intervention vs post-intervention comparative analysis, surveys, and focus groups) with data encompassing 4 years and over 5000 students. The knowledge gained from this case study can provide insight for the implementation of other Blended Learning courses at the post-secondary level.