Enriching Collaborative Learning via Creativity MultimediaDr. Lovaye Kajiura

Blended online multimedia can be utilized to encourage student self-directed and team-based problem solving. This presentation will describe several undergraduate blended in-lecture and online activities that facilitate and enrich student interactions with course content. Three courses will be described that focus on students working independently and as members of integrated problem-solving team to formulate research questions, synthesize and integrate solutions, and disseminate findings. Details of the process of creating and integrating online interviews with researchers and video presentations utilizing social media platforms (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook) to communicate research will be presented. Those in attendance will experience how students learn to apply their conceptual knowledge to solve problems and in doing so, hone their individual and teamwork research, communication, and leadership skills. This session provide with multimedia exemplars of course-related work, which display the logistics and educator-student activities. Through interactions with these exemplars, hopefully attendees will be inspired to utilize these blended multimedia components to engage students in their undergraduate courses.