Facilitating IMPACTFUL Learning Initiatives via Online Multimedia ToolsDr. Lovaye Kajiura, Dr. Robert Fleisig, Dr. Brenda Vrkljan, Dr. Liz Hassan

The McMaster University IMPACT Initiative continues to implement unique blended online delivery components to mobilize course-related information on a large scale, involving over 1000 participants: students, faculty, and community healthcare networks. Our integrated courses involve interdisciplinary, mentorship, which is practical, applied, community engaged, and transformative. Undergraduate and graduate Engineering, Science, Occupational Therapy, Medical students, Healthcare Partners work collaboratively to solve the real-life challenges of clients, who live with special needs. Our initiatives have provided multiple teaching and learning opportunities that encourage faculty, students, health care partners to apply their knowledge to invent customized accessibility devices for our community clients.

The primary objective of our presentation is to share our insights regarding the specific tools, which foster student-to-student, faculty-to-faculty, faculty-to- client, student-to-client interactions using online blended delivery and face-to-face interactive platforms. These learning components scaffold and facilitate engagement for all participants on a personal, intellectual, academic, social, and professional level. We will elaborate upon the multimedia tools for successful implementation to facilitate interactions on both large and small scales. The presentation will highlight how the blended components of our courses facilitate the establishment of integrated professional skills of our students as they collaborate to focus on the special needs of others. Our aim is to provide attendees with practical online tools that can be implemented within learning partnerships illustrating the resources necessary to address the needs of academic and research interactions.