Flipping an Upper-level Core Engineering CourseDr. Thomas Marlin

In this presentation, we’ll discuss how the flipped classroom format has been applied to an upper-level core engineering course. Project goals included improved student learning, low development cost, and distribution to students and professors at many universities. Results show deeper learning, better interactions, and increased student satisfaction. This material has been adopted by over 75 universities worldwide, and the WEB site receives 700 visits/day. The presentation will cover the blended course design, reasons for the e-Lesson approach, examples of multimedia, and tools used in the multimedia development. It will also address overcoming student and faculty resistance to change. The presentation will conclude with musings on the future of educational materials, i.e., textbooks and multimedia.

The WEB site with e-Lessons can be visited at: http://www.pc-education.mcmaster.ca/
An accompanying paper is available at: http://pc-education.mcmaster.ca/Flipping%20class/Flipping_the_Classroom_ASEE_Final.pdf