Trigger Videos: A Valuable Method to Enhance Faculty Development InitiativesDr. Anuj Arora, Jen Hoogenes, Dr. Deepak Dath

Traditional classroom teaching is efficient and well suited to knowledge dissemination. However, it sacrifices the nuances and richness of reality, the interaction and dialogue that build understanding and the ability to integrate knowledge into practice. In higher education, teaching complex, dynamic concepts and building competence is facilitated when teaching events get learners to consider reality. Our research team explored the use of trigger videos in an interactive setting to enhance faculty development.

Trigger videos are short films (created or borrowed) that depict common and challenging scenarios, including unresolved and/or controversial situations. Trigger videos are not “how-to” videos; these short vignettes allow learners to share the experience of a challenging, high fidelity, simulated scenario meant to encourage discussion and reflection. The use of trigger videos is best suited to learners who have some experience/understanding of the situation being depicted.

In this workshop we will review the theory and evidence behind the trigger video method and our personal experience with trigger videos using examples. We will discuss the process and challenges of developing trigger videos and teaching events. Participants will brainstorm ideas and interact to develop actionable teaching events for their own teaching that use trigger videos. Faculty interested in developing new ways to teach that are relevant and engaging for their learners are encouraged to attend.